Local Guidelines


No Fees for Use of Public Property

The City of Wilmington, New Hanover County, and the State of North Carolina do not charge fees for the use of public property. This includes government buildings, parks, and schools. These facilities only charge for out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the filming process.

Filming Permits

Permission or a permit for filming is coordinated through the local film permit offices or municipal agencies. Lead time for permits varies from cities within the region. Some areas require only 72-hour notice where others may require up to 30-days notice. A complete schedule and list of guidelines and ordinances can be obtained through the Film Commission or directly through local permit offices or municipal agencies. Special Effects and fire permits must be obtained through the specific city/county fire department.

Requests which involve the alteration or removal of public property, leasing of buildings or parks, stunts, special effects or moving vehicles on public property require a location agreement. Location agreements must be signed by both a representative of the production company and the respective city/county. These agreements basically assure the city/county that the production will accept liability for any damages or injuries resulting from the production company's actions.

In the City of Wilmington, a film permit is required within the city limits, whether on public or private property, and guidelines must be followed. The City of Wilmington does not charge a permit fee.



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